ATM Services


What is Pashtany Bank local ATM Card/Debit Card?

1-This card allows you to withdraw cash 24/7 from all PashtanyBank Head Office and Branches 

2-PashtanyBank ATM facility is available in all parts of Afghanistan.

How Can You Get Pashtany Bank ATM Card?

With opening a current, or salary account you can receive this card free of charges in all Pashtany Bank branches across Afghanistan. If you have any of the previously mentioned accounts but have not maintained debit/ATM card yet, please take action today.

Benefits of Having Pashtany Bank  ATM Card?

1-With carrying this card instead of cash money, you abstain the erosion of country’s currency due to which a huge capital will be saved.

2-Carrying huge amounts of cash is always problematic in terms of risks and carrying. This card allows you to carry all the money you have in your account just with a small plastic card, all the times and everywhere.

3-Mini/Short statement on each transaction.

How Safe is This Card?

While this card is being issued, you will be given a 4 digits’ secret code that you should memorize and not share with anyone else. Each time withdrawing cash or paying electronically, you will be required to enter this code to process the transaction.

What to Do if the Card is Lost?

In case you lose your card, please immediately contact the closest Pashtany Bank branch.

ATM Do’s and Don’ts


1-Always store your ATM/Debit card carefully so that the Magnetic stripe does not get damaged.

2-Always change the ATM/Debit card PIN as soon as you receive it. Preferably, change it every quarter.

3-Keep your card ready before entering the ATM room, avoid going through your purse or bag to find it.

4-Always remember to take your card back during the transaction.

5-Always collect your receipts from ATM. Keep copies of your receipts and compare them with your monthly statement.

6-Stand directly in front and as close to the ATM machine as possible. This helps to obstruct the view of others.

7-Be alert! If you find signs of any external fittings or loose wiring at the ATM room, report to the respective branch ATM officer/custodian immediately and use another nearest ATM.