Board Of Supervisors

Mr. Wadir Safi (Chairman)











Mr. Wadir Safi was born on December 25, 1948, in Afghanistan. He has wide experience and excellent background of quality leadership, political and as well as in the field of a lectureship in different national and international educational institutions and universities. Mr. Safi is currently the Chairman of the Board of Director since 2018. Besides being a chairman to the Board of Supervisors, Mr. Wadir Safi is serving its services as a Lecturer, member the Public Law and Head of International Relation and a Senior Legal Officer for the Kabul University of Afghanistan.Mr. Wadir Safi holding a Ph.D. degree in International Laws and Politics, MA in International Relation from the Charles University, Prague Czechoslovakia, earned B.A Journalism from Faculty of Literature and Human Science – Kabul University Afghanistan.Mr. Wadir Safi has visited and participated in numerous academic conferences throughout his life career for sharing his rich leadership and spread his political experience of Afghanistan in different counties of the world names: The Boston University – USA, Washington University – USA, HELSINKI – Finland, Leyster University – Belgium, Oxford University – United Kingdom, Lyon and South Paris Universities – France.Mr. Wadir Safi also participated in the Professional youth seminar between Afghanistan and Pakistan in Germany, IHL conference New Delhi – India, SAARC conference – Nepal, UNODC – UAE, Bridging Gap between Afghanistan and Pakistan, G8 Forum Rome – Italy, Durand – Line forum between Afghanistan and Pakistan  –  Madrid, Conflict Resolution – Indonesia, International Peace Conference – Paris France, Reconstruction of Afghanistan – New Delhi India.Mr. Wadir Safi is an author of about 30 plus printed books on topics of the Public International Law, Human Right of Self Determination of Nations and issued various articles in the academic magazines.


Mr. Mohammad Nasib (Member)










Mr. Mohammad Nasib was born on 4th April, 1965 in Shirzad district, Nangarhar province Afghanistan. Prior to his joining ember of Board of Director for Pashtany Bank, Mr. M. Nasib used to work as a Country Director for the Center of International Private Enterprise – Afghanistan, Managing Director of Welfare Association for the Development of Afghanistan, where he was responsible for the overall management of the devising policy, strategic plans for the effective implementation of project as well as for future growth. He worked in for different national and international organizations of successfully implementation of responsibilities; as a Country Coordinator in the International Republican Institute, work for Democracy in Afghanistan, Afghan Media Resources Center, Afghan NGOs Coordination Bureau, Coordinated activities and donors. Mr. Nasib has also played a vital role of empowering the community leadership program, district administration and civil education programs.Mr. Mohammad Nasib was assigned to the World Bank and UNDP as a Project Officer for Afghanistan and Pakistan, worked as Program Officer-in-Charge in the United Nations Drug Control Program for Jalalabad and Peshawar.He is awarded for a Democracy Award in 2005 by Senator Jhon McCain – United Nation, he has honored with a Ghazi Mir Masjidi Khan Medal in 2006 by the former President Mohammad Zahir Shah, honored with a Distinguished International Alumni Award in 2006 by Alma Mater – University of Pennsylvania USA.Mr. Mohammad Nasib is holding degree of Executive- Master in Business Administration from the Preston University Peshawar – Pakistan, Fellowship on Democracy, Development and the Rules of Law in 2005 and bachelor degree in Public Administration and International Comparative Policies from the Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania – USA.

Mr. Jannullah Zahir (Member) 










Mr. Jannullah Zahir was born on April 02, 1986, in Khogyani district Jalalabad- Afghanistan. He has ten years of rich banking experience in central bank of Afghanistan (Da Afghanistan Bank) and commercial bank as senior auditor and finance Manager in Zadran Groups of Companies with an excellent background of economics and Political Science studies. Mr. Zahir is currently member of the Board of supervisors of Pashtany Bank (PB) since 2019. Besides being the member to the Board of Supervisors of PB, Mr. Zahir also work as Chief Finance Officer (CFO) in Irfan Zahir Groups of companies. Mr. Jannullah Zahir is holding a M.A degree in Economics from Osmania University-India, B.A in economics from the Kabul University, B.A in Political Science and Public Administration from American University of Afghanistan and he is Certified Expert in Financial inclusion from Frankfurt School of Business and finance-Germany.  Mr. Jannullah Zahir has visited various countries and participated in numerous academic conferences throughout his life career. Mr. Zahir has also participated in various international seminars including South Asian Economic Meet in Lahore-Pakistan, finance and banking conference in Hyderabad-India and internal audit at central bank of Turkey- Ankara-Turkey.  He has also received many trainings such as Internal and External audit, internal controls, banking and finance, IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), banking financial reporting standards, Advance Accounting at AIBF (Afghanistan Institute of Banking and Finance) and leadership programs at AUAF (American University of Afghanistan).