Business Accounts

Documents and Guidelines Require for Corporate / Business Accounts

  1. Company Business license.
  2. Letter Head for Account Opening.
  3. Original National ID or passport of each authorized persons.
  4. Hard photo of each person (if available).
  5. Certify document of company license from MOCI or any others Ministry website /from inquiry.
  6. Signature or Finger-print of each authorized.
  7. Company formal Email address, and from every authorized persons.
  8. Company operation Mode in system and KYC.
  9. Company Main address.
  10. Support Documents (Invoice of selling and purchasing) or financial statements.
  11. Tick Marking
  1. Types of Accounts.
  2. Types of currency.
  3. Types of Business.
  4. Checking watch list.
  5. UN list...others.
  6. Risk categories and customer documents received section.

  1. Filling customer information in KYC appropriately and avoiding from miss filling.