Saving Accounts


Pashtany has the right savings account tailored with the needs of its customers and market. Saving funds with Pashtany Bank will give its customers easy access to their funds in all parts of the country any time. Pashtany Bank account is always at your fingertips with mobile, online banking and other innovative services of Pashtany Bank. With the wide network of Pashtany Bank ATM facility accessing cash will always be easier and safer.


1-Pashtany Bank Saving Account facility is for individuals.

2-Account can be opened in both Afghani and US dollar

3-Joint Account facility is available.

4-Payment of interest at competitive rates in the market.

5-Free ATM card with a daily cash withdrawal limit of AFS 30,000/ USD 500.

6-Minimum balance requirement is AFS 5000/ USD 100.

Interest is paid annually

7-Minors below and up to the age of 18 can open accounts with their legal guardians

8-Deposits and withdraws will be exempted from charges.

9-Free Statement of account once in a month.

10-Balance Confirmation Certificate available at all the branches.

11-Account Closing Charges will be AFN 250 only.