Planned services


International Remittance:

Funds/Money Transfer Services

Pashtany Bank is member of the Society for Worldwide Inter bank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) offering safe and secure international transfers to its customers. Through SWIFT Pashtany bank is able to facilitate inward and outward international transfers with competitive rates to any part of the world.

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Current Account

Pashtany bank  Current Account is specially designed to take care of all your financial necessities and Provide you  facilities & flexibility that is required for both your domestic and international business requirements.


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Saving Accounts

Pashtany has the right savings account tailored with the needs of its customers and market. Saving funds with Pashtany Bank will give its customers easy access to their funds in all parts of the country any time. Pashtany Bank account is always at your fingertips with mobile, online banking and other innovative services of Pashtany Bank. With the wide network of Pashtany Bank ATM facility accessing cash will always be easier and safer.


1-Pashtany Bank Saving Account facility is for individuals.

2-Account can be opened in both Afghani and US dollar

3-Joint Account facility is available.

4-Payment of interest at competitive rates in the market.

5-Free ATM card with a daily cash withdrawal limit of AFS 30,000/ USD 500.

6-Minimum balance requirement is AFS 5000/ USD 100.

Interest is paid annually

7-Minors below and up to the age of 18 can open accounts with their legal guardians

8-Deposits and withdraws will be exempted from charges.

9-Free Statement of account once in a month.

10-Balance Confirmation Certificate available at all the branches.

11-Account Closing Charges will be AFN 250 only.



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Western Union

Pashtany Bank became the member of the Western Union agent community to provide Western Union branded money transfer services by fastest and safest manner. Customer can send their transfer through western union with safe and full secured.

About Western Union:

The Western Union Company (NYSE: WU) is a leader in global payment services. Together with its Vigo, Orlandi Valuta, Pago Facil and Western Union Business Solutions branded payment services, Western Union provides consumers and businesses with fast, reliable and convenient ways to send and receive money around the world, to send payments and to purchase money orders. As of December 31, 2011, the Western Union, Vigo and Orlandi Valuta branded services were offered through a combined network of approximately 485,000 agent locations in 200 countries and territories. In 2011, The Western Union Company completed 226 million consumer-to-consumer transactions worldwide, moving $81 billion of principal between consumers, and 425 million business payments. For more information, visit

In Minutes Money Transfer Service

When you need to send money fast, count on our In Minutes service. Send money online, from an Agent location or by phone and money is generally available to your Receiver within minutes.

Did you know?

You can send money directly to your Receiver’s home or office on a Western Union, Visa Prepaid Card. Send online or from an Agent location and your money is delivered by FedEx the next business day.

1. The leading unit for money transferring services in all over the world. connecting people in more than 145 countries across the globe in matter of minuets.
2. Quick and reliable fund/money transfer.
3. No bank account needed.
4. Services through 320,000 agents.
5. Pashtany bank is an authorized agency.
6. Send and receive money from the world

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ATM Services

What is Pashtany Bank local ATM Card/Debit Card?

1-This card allows you to withdraw cash 24/7 from all PashtanyBank Head Office and Branches 

2-PashtanyBank ATM facility is available in all parts of Afghanistan.

How Can You Get Pashtany Bank ATM Card?

With opening a current, or salary account you can receive this card free of charges in all Pashtany Bank branches across Afghanistan. If you have any of the previously mentioned accounts but have not maintained debit/ATM card yet, please take action today.

Benefits of Having Pashtany Bank  ATM Card?

1-With carrying this card instead of cash money, you abstain the erosion of country’s currency due to which a huge capital will be saved.

2-Carrying huge amounts of cash is always problematic in terms of risks and carrying. This card allows you to carry all the money you have in your account just with a small plastic card, all the times and everywhere.

3-Mini/Short statement on each transaction.

How Safe is This Card?

While this card is being issued, you will be given a 4 digits’ secret code that you should memorize and not share with anyone else. Each time withdrawing cash or paying electronically, you will be required to enter this code to process the transaction.

What to Do if the Card is Lost?

In case you lose your card, please immediately contact the closest Pashtany Bank branch.

ATM Do’s and Don’ts


1-Always store your ATM/Debit card carefully so that the Magnetic stripe does not get damaged.

2-Always change the ATM/Debit card PIN as soon as you receive it. Preferably, change it every quarter.

3-Keep your card ready before entering the ATM room, avoid going through your purse or bag to find it.

4-Always remember to take your card back during the transaction.

5-Always collect your receipts from ATM. Keep copies of your receipts and compare them with your monthly statement.

6-Stand directly in front and as close to the ATM machine as possible. This helps to obstruct the view of others.

7-Be alert! If you find signs of any external fittings or loose wiring at the ATM room, report to the respective branch ATM officer/custodian immediately and use another nearest ATM.



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SMS Banking

SMS banking service provides instant notifications about your transactions when it happens. It helps to keep a watch on your account with 7/24 in a week. Every debit and credit in your account over a limit desired by you is intimated by SMS. Now, with SMS banking service of Pashtany Bank, you are always in a position to keep a close eye on your account activities and take instant messages.

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M-Paisa is an innovative mobile money digital wallet, which gives you the “power of money” on your mobile phone. It transforms your existing mobile phone into a bank account and gives you the freedom to transact and stay in control 24×7. This service is brought to you by the world’s largest telecom service provider, Vodafone jointly with Pashtany Bank.

What can I do with M-Paisa?

1-Deposit money

2-Send money to any mobile number

3-Send money to any bank account

4-Prepaid Recharge

5-Postpaid bill payments

6-DTH Recharge

7-Utility Payments

8-Merchant Payment

9-Withdraw money

Who is Eligible to Hold an M-Paisa Account?

Any prepaid or postpaid mobile customer above the age of 18 years is eligible to hold an M-Paisa account.

How do i get started with M-Paisa?

Step 1 – Register on M-Paisa

Step 2 – Deposit e-money into the M-Paisa account

Step 3 – Transact

What are the Modes/Channels to Register on M-Paisa?

1-Vodafone Users

2-M-Paisa Mobile App:


4-M-Paisa Call Centre (55400)

5-M-Paisa Agent Outlet

6-Non-Vodafone Users

Am I Required to Maintain a Minimum Balance for my M-Paisa Account?

-No, you do not have to maintain any minimum balance for your M-Paisa account


Are There any Charges for Opening an Account with M-Paisa?

  – It is waived-off for all customers.

What Documents are Required for Account Opening?

  – Documents are not required to open a Min KYC M-Paisa account. However, for a M-Paisa account with enhanced limits.

Can I Have More than one M-Paisa Account?

  – No, you can have only one M-Paisa account.

Who is an M-Paisa Agent and What Does He Do?

  – An M-Paisa agent is an authorized person who can provide information on M-Paisa and help with opening an M-Paisa account

Deposit/withdraw cash from your M-Paisa account

How will I Know Authenticity of the M-Paisa Agent?

The M-Paisa agent will have a 10 digit agency code which will be displayed at the outlet. Only if this code is valid will you be able to transact at the agent location. Also any exchange of physical cash for M-Paisa should be done after receiving the confirmation SMS.

Will I be Able to Use my M-Paisa Account on Roaming?

Mobile App will work on International Roaming if the data connection is changed to roaming on the same number on which the M-Paisa account is registered

Can I Use M-Paisa if my Mobile Number is Suspended or Expired or Ported out?

No, you will not be able to use M-Paisa account if your mobile number is suspended or expired. However, the account balance will be given to you in the form of airtime or settled against your postpaid bill, as the case may be.

 Can I Send Money to a Number not Registered on M-Paisa?

To send money to any number not registered on M-Paisa, you should do E-KYC at agent location or Vodafone Stores. This will enable you to instantly enhance your limit. Or your documents have to be verified and approved by Pashtany Bank. For this, you will have to submit the acceptable documents for POI and POA to the nearest VF Store or M-Paisa Agent. It takes 10 days from the date of document submission.

How Safe is my money?

All transactions on M-Paisa being highly secure and validated with two factor authentications-PIN and OTP. Please do not share your PIN and OTP with anyone. M-Paisa will never ask for your PIN or OTP

What Happens in case my Debit Card/Credit Card or Bank Account is Debited and Corresponding Amount is not Credited to my M-Paisa Account After Doing Load Money?

-If the amount has been debited from your Debit Card / Credit Card or Bank Account and the corresponding amount is not credited to your M-Paisa account, refunds are credited back to the respective Debit Card / Credit Card / Bank account within 5 working days.

-If the amount is not credited in your Debit Card / Credit Card / Bank account within this time frame, then we request you to check with your bank.

-If bank is unable to share your refund status, then please contact us at along with your latest bank statement from the date of transaction.

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